Mac - Book 1

There was only one rule. I broke it. Damn the consequences.

When Kate arrives at the Desert Sinners MC’s clubhouse, the Pres only gives us one rule—hands off his daughter while we’re keeping her safe.


It should be easy.


She’s nothing like the women I normally take to bed.


Sweet. Innocent. Caring.  All the things men like me destroy.


With tension rising with the Phantoms moving into our territory, this is no time for distractions, even a beautiful one.


Yet the threat of shattering the trust my club has in me isn’t enough to keep me away from what I want—her.


But when new and old enemies rise, will I be able to choose between my loyalty to the club and protecting the woman I love?

Mac was originally published as part of the USAT best-seller Wanted: An Outlaw Anthology. No changes to the story have been made.

Colt - Book 2 (Coming February 7, 2020

Sometimes all it takes is a spark to ignite an inferno…

When Ember arrives from the Reno chapter of the Desert Sinners MC, she rekindles a fire deep inside of me.


My attraction to her hasn’t dissipated after all these years, but despite our history, what she’s currently doing brings out a rage that trumps anything else.


I have enough trouble with women without her coming back into my life with secrets and hidden agendas.


But an attack on one of my brothers brings the truth to the surface.


She isn’t the enemy, but we have plenty of those breathing down our necks from all directions.


No one can be trusted.


And losing myself in Ember again means risking not only my heart but the safety of the entire club.


When threats converge and everything is on the line, will love be enough to keep the flame alive?

The books in the Desert Sinners MC series should be read in order for maximum enjoyment.

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